with Dramatic Difference Training

It’s an hour before you have to stand in front of your colleagues and clients to present your ideas. Your strategies are sound but do you have a winning formula to present your concepts and ensure success?


Take a moment to reflect on the following:

Is your breathing shallow? Is your mouth dry? Are you physically shaking? In short, is your MIND connected to your BODY?


This is where Dramatic Difference Training fits into your professional development plan.


Our commanding communication and presentation performance programs will expose you to practical techniques to deliver convincing, engaging and confident presentations and provide you with strategies to ensure you give the performance of your life, whatever the situation.

Customised Solutions

Together we will define, design, plan and establish a program that will support your performance needs.

Outstanding Coaching

With more than three decades of experience, we proudly call ourselves leading providers of Communication and Presentation Skills training.

Competitive Pricing

We will work to support your budget and provide a premium quality training experience.

OUR APPROACH: The focus is on you.

Dramatic Difference Training offers a safe, private and confidential training environment, entirely built around the needs of the individual or group. Our trainers will work closely with you to set the key objectives of the program and identify your needs and outcomes. Our guarantee is to provide a high impact program that delivers outstanding returns for your organisation.

We are a Covid-safe business

Dramatic Difference Training has a recognised Covid-19 Safety plan in place.  We gratefully acknowledge the support of the NSW Government throughout 2020 and Service NSW.

View our Covid-safe commitment to you here.