All of our courses involve consultation and collaboration during the design process to ensure that you receive training that meets your expectations and also fits within your organisational culture. We understand that busy executives have very full diaries, so we will work with you to map a program that can be delivered over half a day to one day, or for several hours over the course of a week. The time configuration is completely flexible.

View our workshop brochure here, or see below.

Individual coaching and professional development offers even greater flexibility and can be coordinated for several hours and weeks over several months. For those who are leading into that “big presentation” we recommend an intensive program in the lead up time.


Prices vary depending on the course. For detailed costings please contact Matt.

Our Program Portfolio includes

  • Communication, Presentation and Leadership skills
  • Team Building
  • Customer Service Training
  • Personal Coaching
  • Executive Development
  • Guest Speaking
  • Specialist Women in Business Programs
  • Media Skills and Training
  • Job Interview Preparation

Our Virtual Public Programs


You spend your time encouraging and inspiring others to make healthy choices. People come to you for guidance and look to you for advice. So when you reflect on your own professional skills and development, what advice should you be seeking? Chances are, increasing your confidence in public speaking and presentations is probably high on your list.

Now, more than ever before, the demands on our communication skills stretch us in so many directions.  In a virtual world we are under a microscope and need to demonstrate mastery in order to gain the confidence of our clientele.

Who do you want to be when you step up to talk, either in a virtual environment or at a live event.  Join Freda Miriklis for this engaging and dynamic deep dive into the world of presentations…guaranteed to be nutritious!

The full Dramatic Difference Public Program Brochure is here.

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Previous Workshops presented by Freda Miriklis

Freda is responsible for Dramatic Difference Training’s National Programs working closely on the design and facilitation of customised programs.

From a stage at the UN in New York and Geneva through to local villages and communities in Africa and a strong presence in the Australian business landscape, Freda has presented to hundreds of audiences and her career demonstrates the pursuit of seeking equality and opportunities for all.

As a presenter, creating value is at the heart of Freda’s mission and her collection of stories will motivate, inspire and above all, compel you to see more and be more. Freda uses her public speaking skills to form a deep sense of connection with her audience and her warm personality allows her to integrate and work well with individuals and teams.


Course preparation usually involves a client’s “work-in-progress” presentation as the case study.


Exercises will focus on voice, posture, physical presence, body language, and breathing techniques

Our Programs

In some of our programs, filming of individual presentations, including “before” and “after” will be incorporated with clients receiving DVDs at the close of the program.


Employing theatre techniques to showcase the effectiveness of different behaviours, using real-life scenarios created with the organisation.


At the close of the program, the tutor will provide individual feedback and recommendations for further development and/or support exercises.

Learning outcomes


To provide you with skills to build confidence and create engagement when presenting to any kind of audience.


To identify and overcome individual or group communication strengths and challenges.


To embrace your physical and vocal presence to engage and influence your audience.


To provide techniques and skills to support the planning and delivery of winning presentations and performances.

Who Should Attend

Dramatic Difference Training will provide distinctive programs for all of your staff. We understand that there are different needs at different levels within the organisation and we will work with you to ensure the program meets the needs of the clients – from CEO and Senior Management to the teams at the forefront in Customer Care. We also offer excellent programs to build effective communication between leaders and their teams so that everyone can deliver information in dynamic, engaging and inspiring ways.